Q. What’s this all about?


A. Oh, hey there! The brains behind Friend or Foe have noticed that there are a lot of lonely/bored/disconnected people floating around our fair city. Our goal? To bring a group of complete strangers together for a night of fun, banter and good eats.


Q. How do I get an invite?


A. You can register your interest via the website or email us with your deets (availability, dietary requirements, short bio) and we will be in touch. Information about upcoming events will be on our social media pages. Follow us on Instagram and like the FoF Adelaide Facebook page to stay in the loop.



Q. Where are FoF events held?


A. All Friend or Foe events are held at new, up and coming venues across Adelaide- as well as some established favorites!


Q. Are FoF dinners for singles?


A. Oh god, no! Friend or Foe Dinners are for anyone looking to have a good time, step out of their comfort zone and make new connections.


Q. I’m keen to get involved, but I am really shy. Can I bring a friend or partner?


A. Absolutely! We will be running dinners for friends and couples. PM or email us if this is something you would be interested in.


Q. I want to make some new girlfriends- do you run girls only nights?


A. Yes, we plan on running ‘girls only’ events. Again, please PM or email us if this is something you’d be keen to get involved in.


Q. How much is this going to cost me?


A. Friend or Foe Dinners start from $55 pp. This cost includes the many hours it takes to select suitable guests, setting up the event and arranging the incredible shared meal you will enjoy at one of Adelaide’s hottest venues. It does not include transportation, beverages or the deposit on our trip to the Bahamas.


Q. What if I don’t like anyone at my dinner and have a horrible time?


A. Well… that’s unfortunate. We suggest you have a friend on standby who can call with an ‘unforeseen emergency’ so you can escape!   Or, you can look at it this way. You tried something new, ate wicked food and stepped out of your comfort zone. It’s a win-win!



Q. I broke up with my girlfriend/hate my boss/had a fight with my dry cleaner- I don’t want them at my dinner.


A. Boo… We got you! Simply email or PM us the name of the person and we will make sure they aren’t there.


Q. I’m vegetarian/vegan/pescatarian/gluten intolerant/don’t eat carbs after 6pm. Can you cater for my needs?


A. We will do our absolute best to cater for any dietary requirements. However, this can be difficult when planning a shared meal for our guests. If you receive an invitation, please PM or email us with your requirements and we will see what we can do.


Q. Who the hell is Norma Rose?


A. The pseudonym ‘Norma Rose’ is our small way of honoring a simpler time. A time when people were more connected. A time when we used to pick up the phone and make the call, rather than “friend” on Facebook.  A time when we valued genuine, face-to-face interaction. It is also a simple way for us to ensure that none of our dinner guests are mutually connected!  We encourage you to find and friend Miss Norma Rose on Facebook to be part of the FoF community.